Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Proposal- Davey's version ;-)

It was Jess’s birthday and little did she know that I would surprise her with an engagement ring later that night…

After church, we drove down to La Jolla, where I had made reservations at the Marine Room, voted San Diego’s “most romantic restaurant.” Although it was here that we experienced the worst part of our night, as Jess described, we now think back and laugh.
La Jolla has beautiful beaches and I knew that it was there I wanted to propose—I just wasn’t sure where exactly. As we cruised along the scenic route, Jess was enjoying a gorgeous sky and ocean views while I was desperately trying to scope out the prospective proposal terrain. “God, please show me the perfect location,” I prayed. I knew that when I saw it, I would know (just like when I saw Jess!)When we came to the end of the coast, I was inwardly disappointed and said that because we had some time to kill, we should drive up the road to see if there was any sort of lookout. Not long after the many aimless U-turns, we spotted a sign for Mt. Soledad Park. As we turned in and followed the road up, suddenly we found ourselves on top of the world! With breathtaking views of ocean cliffs along the coastline on one side, and downtown San Diego on the other, this was it. The day was crystal clear.
After dinner, I asked Jess if she wanted to go back up to the park and look at the city lights, so we headed back up the narrow, windy streets. We parked, and I grabbed some blankets and a back pack from the truck, as well as my guitar—all still a surprise to her.
Earlier, I saw a spot that I knew would work for “the big question.” It was a grassy clearing off the beaten path, overlooking the city lights. We spread out the blankets, and I took out a pot, put it on my camp stove, and filled it with water. Then, while the water was heating on the stove I told Jess that I wrote her a song and wanted to play it for her. (Surprisingly, it went off without a mistake, despite the fact that I had only finished writing the last chorus just minutes before we left the house! Ack, nerve racking!) Needless to say, she was touched; but I was just getting started!

By the time I finished singing “Jess’ Song,” the water was warm. So I poured it into a basin, and unlaced her boots.  As Jesus washed the disciples’ feet to symbolize servanthood, I said that in the same way, I desire to serve her with my life. Nonchalantly, I had slipped the ring into my back pocket, and while I was still down on my knees, I took her hand and said, “You are so much more than I have ever wanted and could even dream of. My heart cannot live another day without you. Jessica Faith Minnema, I beg you to marry me.”

At first Jess was speechless, and I wondered why she was staring at me, and not the ring I was holding in front of her. Then she threw herself into my arms, and we hugged and kissed and cried. Finally, as if she suddenly remembered that there was a diamond ring involved, she gave me her hand and I placed her engagement band on her finger!

the best day ever!!!! by Jess {the long version}

Jan 25... My 25th birthday. Davey told me to keep my afternoon open because he was planning to take me out. The last thing I expected was to get engaged!! I had NO IDEA what to expect and he wouldn’t give me ANY clues!!!
After church, he told he needed an hour to get things together and then he’d pick me up. It was an hour of torture wondering what we were going to do! He finally picked me up and we started driving towards San Diego. He told me he was taking me out to dinner at what was rated "the most romantic restaurant in the area"...The Marine Room. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great Sunday afternoon drive to La Jolla.

Once we got there, we found the restaurant and then set off to find a cool place to watch the sunset. We drove around and passed all the beach lookouts and I was wondering where we were going. Then Davey started to drive up this hill and we ended up on the top of Mt. Solidad. The view was breathtaking! It was such a clear day, so we could see the beach and the cliffs on one side and downtown San Diego on the other side. Amazing. We took some pictures and Davey suggested that we come back up there after dinner to see the city lights. I love cities, so I loved the idea, not thinking anything of it.

Then we went back down to the beach to watch the sunset. It was really romantic... until these 3 people came and sat down right next to us. THEN a cop came out to snap some pictures of the sunset and he was really annoying and his radio kept going off... way to kill the mood. But the sunset was really beautiful!

By then, we were starving, so we drove to the restaurant and were escorted to a table right in front of this HUGE window overlooking a white sand beach with the waves all lit up... amazing! As soon as we sat down, two older ladies at the table behind us started making comments just loud enough 
for us to hear, "can you see the waves?" "oh no, that girl's head is in the way... the hostess promised we'd have a good view of the waves..." I was kind of shocked at what they were saying, and tried to ignore it. But then, the one lady actually stood up, and tapped us on the shoulder and said, "can you sit farther apart, you're blocking our view of the waves." I got really upset and said, "no! it's my birthday!" I almost started to cry. So we reluctantly moved apart and Davey said, "I'm going to go get your birthday present to cheer you up!" I didn't want him to because those ladies ruined the mood and I wanted to have a good reaction to whatever it was and they would probably get mad if I made a scene. But Davey insisted and went out to the car to get my present. Then I got up to go to the bathroom and the ladies said, "can you see the waves now?" "oh yes, you asked me at the right time, when there is nothing blocking my view" So when I returned, Davey had moved my chair next to him and when I sat down the lady said, "oh wonderful, now we can see! Those two have such a sense of humor" How RUDE!!! Davey wanted to me open my present, but I still didn’t want to, which is really quite ironic because I’m a really impatient person, but those ladies were just so mean!

Eventually, our dinner came and it was DELICIOUS!!! Except that I had some rocks in my rice. Davey politely told our waiter. He returned and said that the chef said they were bones. He ended up arguing with us that they weren't in my rice and that it was a bone, not a rock… long story short, the chef ended up giving us a free dessert.... which was the best ice cream pie I ever had... yum!!! That totally redeemed the entire experience and Davey was so sweet to take me there despite the horrible service, and rude customers.

So we left the restaurant and while we were in the car, I opened my birthday present... a YELLOW ipod!!! Davey had already put some songs and pictures on it! So while I played with my present, Davey drove to the top of Mt. Solidad. I didn't expect anything because he was acting perfectly normal. When we got to the top, he took his guitar, a backpack and sleeping bag out of the trunk and we sat down overlooking a beautiful view of San Diego all lit up. Then Davey took out his camping stove and started to heat up a pot of water... I just thought that he was making tea or something. He’s kind of random sometimes.

Then, he took out his guitar and told me that he wrote me a song and he tried to record it and put it on my ipod, but couldn't figure it out, so he had to play it for me live. So, he sang me the song he wrote and it was the best song I ever heard! I obviously started crying because the words were so sweet and because I always wanted someone to write a song for me! Then he asked me to check if the water was hot {while I was doing that, he slipped the ring in his back pocket... I still had no idea}. Then he poured the water into a basin and asked if he could wash me feet. As he washed my feet, he said, "Jesus washed the disciples’ feet as an act of service to show them he wanted to serve them. It was a humbling job because back then their feet were dirty from walking around so much. Your feet obviously aren't dirty, but I want to this to show you that I want to serve you. The disciples told Jesus that they were not worthy to have their feet washed by him, and Jess, I don't feel worthy to be washing your feet. {then he got on one knee} I can't go another day without you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you... Jessica Faith Minnema, I'm begging you... will you marry me?"
I tackled him and we were crying and I said YES!!! And then I realized that I forgot to look at
the ring...the ring... WOW!!! He had it custom made and it’s amazing! Then he told me that he e-mailed both our families the day before to let them know that he was going to propose, but it was midnight on the east coast at this time and I was dying to shrae the news! So I called my best friend who lives in China, and my brother. Then at 2am east coast time, my mom called me and it was such a wonderful time to share the story and get excited with friends and family.

Obviously... this was the BEST {and most memorable} birthday I ever had!!!!!! And WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!! I am so excited to spend the rest of my life serving the Lord with my best friend and most favorite person EVER!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She said, "yes!"

La Jolla was perfect...

Dinner was...great?

Beautiful views...

Sparkle in my eye...sparkle from her finger...

We're going to be married!!!

Here will be the story of how Davey asked her to married him. Coming soon, in the next post, Jess will recount her version of the story (the long version, so pull up a chair). Stay tuned because there is much more info and updates on the way!